Her Noise

Her Noise

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This catalogue maps the activity of international artists whose practice involves the use of sound as a medium.

Her Noise features Kim Gordon (in collaboration with Jutta Koether), Emma Hedditch, Christina Kubisch, Kaffe Matthews, Hayley Newman and Marina Rosenfeld.

Interviews with the artists and essays by Thurston Moore, Christoph Cox and Drew Daniel, amongst others, explore how the energy of independent music communities and open-access composing techniques can reinvigorate the exhibition environment. Her Noise forms an invaluable resource, highlighting the oftenoverlooked contributions of women artists to the development of genres as disparate as Fluxus, performance art, punk and sound installation.

Published by Forma, 2005
230mm x 170mm, 68 pages, soft cover, illustrated colour throughout
ISBN 0-9548288-1-X


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