Michael Dean: mountains and triangles

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Michael Dean uses the barest language and starkly minimal typography to create an almost physical linguistic space that becomes charged with an unexpected emotional impact. Rooted in the apparently mundane minutiae of everyday life, mountains and triangles is intensely visual. Occupying only the far corner of each page, Dean’s blunt descriptions of women, objects, interiors and fragments of landscapes, float like memories caught temporarily in the book’s sparsely populated pages.

Yet despite their staccato simplicity and austere appearance, the texts seduce the reader with their distinct cadence and hypnotic rhythm, creating the impression of an intensely personal, sensory engagement with the world. 

Published alongside Juan Cruz, a translation of Niebla (fog) by Miguel de Unamuno, as part of Other Plans, this artists’ bookwork comes with a critical essay by the project’s curator Simon Morrissey.

Published by Forma, 2005
185mm x 120mm, 320 pages, softback
ISBN 0-9548288-3-6

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